Refugee Coalition for Climate Action (RCCA)

A youth-led movement that facilitates a child-youth participation approach to Climate and environmental
action in Tongogara Refugee Camp and the host communities in Chipinge District of Zimbabwe.


Delivering informative and well-oriented young people from refugee and host communities to raise the bar in Climate and environmental response.


RCCA envisages a community where young people are effective champions in Climate Change mitigation, adaptation, and environmental conservation.

Our Objectives

Environment Protection

To positively impact the natural environment in the refugee and the host community through physical environment protection and restoration.

Community Engagement

To foster positive engagement between displaced people and their host communities to build knowledge that paves climate and environmental resilience.

Food Security

To expedite Fruit tree-based systems to ensure food security and nutrition for the refugee and the host community

Environment Restoration

To champion environmental restoration to revive our natural environment

Climate Dialogue

To create dialogue on climate and environmental resilience

Gender Equality

To facilitate climate justice using women and girls' leadership

Climate Action

To promote children’s views on climate action

Our Achievements

Our climate and environmental information dissemination reached 1,940 young people from 2022 to mid-2023.

During "My Planet, My Right Campaigns" which led to the adoption of General comment number 26 on children's rights to a healthy environment with a special focus on climate change, our members within the Southern Africa Regional Youth Network collected 640 signatures from young people.

Over 1000 fruit and non-fruit trees have been planted at different households and public institutions in Tongogara Refugee Camp.

We cleaned some of the littered places across Tongogara Refugee Camp as well as the surrounding hosting communities, paying special attention to frequently visited places by children and young people.

We have managed to raise over 30 young leaders who are currently acting and advocating for climate and environmental safety.

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The lack of continuous and effective funding to cover essential activities in our operation has been a critical challenge
The cost of transport has restricted our host community members to take part in our weekly activities.
Costs on internet data restricted our members to attend the online meeting and carry research about climate change.
RCCA work is solely voluntary and its members are not paid. Due to financial constraints, this has impeded our ambition since all members have to dedicate themselves to other commitments to make ends meet.
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